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Snow removal

Is removing the snow from your roof too time consuming or labour intensive? Thinking about hiring professionals? You’ve come to the right place! We have all the equipment required to remove the snow from your roof in a safe manner.

What happens if you do not remove snow?

Not removing snow on a roof can lead to ice buildup on the overhang, which can be dangerous for passersby. Additionally, snow and ice buildup can lead to the deterioration of the building. It can also cause water leaks and mould.

Hire a professional for your health and safety.

Regardless of your physical condition, performing snow removal yourself puts you at risk of accidents or injury. You may also be exposed to severe danger if you are close to electrical wires or even risk being buried under the snow. Be smart and hire a professional for your roof’s snow removal.

Additional advice

While snow does not need to be removed every time it snows, you should, however, exercise caution after excessive snow accumulation. You should also pay attention to warning signs of an overloaded roof: unusual sounds, sagging ceilings, cracks, difficulty opening and closing doors and so on.