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Do you maintain your roof properly? Regular roof maintenance prevents the growth of mould, mushrooms and moss. Regardless of your roof structure, ensure roof maintenance is performed safely by calling on our services.

Why is regular roof maintenance important?

Roof maintenance is necessary to prevent the growth of mould, mushrooms and moss. In fact, this growth can cause your roof to age prematurely. You should perform roof maintenance work at least twice a year: in the spring and in the fall.

What does a preventive maintenance entail?

Preventive maintenance starts with the removal of debris, and the cleaning of drains and gutters. Our team then inspects sealing joints and fills pitch pockets. Grease traps are also cleaned. All work is done in compliance with work safety standards.

Additional advice

If you plan on maintaining your roof yourself, remember that your safety is a priority. Perform maintenance on a day when temperatures are around 20 degrees Celsius. Most importantly, prevent falls by using proper equipment: non-slip footwear, safety goggles and a harness.