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Is it too cold in your home? Your roof’s insulation may be the cause! Luckily, our team is trained to inspect the waterproofing of your roof’s cladding, the ventilation system and the insulation.

What is proper insulation?

Proper insulation will reduce heat loss as much as possible. In fact, energy loss increases heating and cooling costs. In other words, by choosing insulation that is right for you, you will save money!

What insulation should I choose?

An insulation’s performance is rated based on an R-value, which represents its ability to resist heat travelling through it. The higher the R-value, the more efficient the insulation. Roof shape is also an important factor to consider. For example, we recommend urethane for a cathedral roof.

Additional advice

Pay attention to icicle buildup along the eave: this is often a sign of poor insulation in the attic. This problem can be resolved with a vapour-barrier and proper ventilation of the attic space. Furthermore, you should regularly remove snow from your roof.